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Last update: 24 / 5 / 2015 - 9:36 AM   KSA
DUBAI (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia's top Sunni cleric on Saturday branded a deadly attack on Shi'ite Muslims a bid to sow chaos, after villagers targeted in the bombing vented their anger at what they saw as the Sunni-dominated government's indifference ... [Details]
Sheikh Faisal Al-Awami called scholars to adopt rational moderate discourse, considering that the best way to reach stability, security and social coexistence. He indicated in Friday sermon, April, 11 that people are created differently and naturally they will have various ... [Details]
A member in Shura Council, Mohammad Reza Nasrallah demanded on April 28 to accelerate issuing a national unity law. In a closed public affairs session Nasrallah said “authorities took in one week strict procedures against sectarian and racism practices which ... [Details]
“Religion Debates and Changes in Saudi Society” by Twafiq Al-Saif includes articles written and published at different times, all try to analysis issues which cause controversy and to raise awareness of major public affairs. Al-Saif mentions that during the past three ... [Details]
The events of Sheikha, a novel written by Ali Hassan Abu Alsaud are real and took place in Qatif at the end of the second era of Prince Turki bin Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Saud rule and the beginning of Prince ... [Details]
ar Al Safwa in Lebanon issued “mn a'a'lam alimamiah bin alfkih ala'mani wa'gha bzrk althrani” by Sheikh Fawazy Al-Saif. The book sheds the light on some Shia Imami scholars over ten centuries. Al-Saif presents these distinguished scholars who had known ... [Details]