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Last update: 7 / 7 / 2014 - 1:28 PM   KSA
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The Specialized Criminal Court in Jeddah had issued on June 23, sentences to jail against five Saudi young protesters from the Eastern Province convicted of insulting the Saudi flag at a school in Qatif. The sentences were ranging from three ... [Details]
In a special documentary report, BBC was able to meet activists of the political movements in the Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia which took place three years ago. People in Qatif are frequently come out to protest against what they call ... [Details]
“Dialogue and Openness toward Others” by Shiekh Hasan Al-Saffar raises a serious issue in our society that suffers from the absence of openness among each other and lack of dialogue between various parties. The book discusses the causes behind the ... [Details]
According to the authors, Shiites in Saudi Arabia are confined between the state which is based on “Wahhabism”, (an extreme orientation that excludes other sects) and Shiite political movements which emerged after the Iranian revolution. They believe that both orientations ... [Details]
Bay of Qatif and Conflict (1500- 1920) is considered one of the books that review events and conflicts which took place in Qatif between colonial and local powers. It follows the movement of groups and tribes and its impact on ... [Details]