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Last update: 22 / 4 / 2014 - 11:28 AM   KSA
In an attempt to combat sectarianism which has been dominating Saudi society, Al-Riyadh Newspaper interviewed a number of young people of both sexes on March 31 about sectarianism and issues which cause division among Muslims. Mu'aadh Alomari, a university student said ... [Details]
Partridge, a publishing house in Singapore annexed Raed Anise Al-Jishi, a Saudi poet from Qatif to its writers list which adopts marketing and distributing their books, after it was impressed by his book “Bleeding Gull Look¡Feel¡ Fly”. Partridge is considered ... [Details]
Fahd Alsalim, the Governor of Unaiza, a city in the central of Saudi Arabia, received on April 2, a delegation from Qatif and Alahsa among them Yahya Al-Quraish, Ali Al-Bahrani, Jafar AlShayeb, Khalid Alnazr and Jassim Almeshraf. This cultural visit comes ... [Details]
According to the authors, Shiites in Saudi Arabia are confined between the state which is based on “Wahhabism”, (an extreme orientation that excludes other sects) and Shiite political movements which emerged after the Iranian revolution. They believe that both orientations ... [Details]
Bay of Qatif and Conflict (1500- 1920) is considered one of the books that review events and conflicts which took place in Qatif between colonial and local powers. It follows the movement of groups and tribes and its impact on ... [Details]
Transnational Shia Politics: Religious and Political Networks in the Gulf by  Laurence Louer illuminates the historical origins and present situation of militant Shia transnational networks by focusing on three key countries in the Gulf, Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, whose ... [Details]