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Last update: 4 / 3 / 2015 - 1:26 PM   KSA
Secretary of the Eastern Province, Fahad bin Mohammed Al-Jubeir received on February 16, the chairman of the public events and the Governor of Qatif, Khaled Al-Sofyan to discuss the issues of cultural and heritage festivals in Qatif.  Al-Sofyan talked about ... [Details]
Radio Jeddah hosted on February 12, the sponsor of Al-thulatha Cultural Forum, Jafar Al-Shyeb to talk about the recent poetic event held by the Forum entitled “sentimentalism” with the participation of two prominent poets, Habib Almatik and Haider Al-Abdullah. He ... [Details]
On Al-Resalh Saudi Channel February 24, a heated debate, between Dr. Twafiq Al-Saif and Sheikh Abdelrahman Abdul Kareem on Shia and Citizenship took place. Al-Saif rejected discrimination between people on the basis of their religion and said “citizens have rights and ... [Details]
The events of Sheikha, a novel written by Ali Hassan Abu Alsaud are real and took place in Qatif at the end of the second era of Prince Turki bin Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Saud rule and the beginning of Prince ... [Details]
ar Al Safwa in Lebanon issued “mn a'a'lam alimamiah bin alfkih ala'mani wa'gha bzrk althrani” by Sheikh Fawazy Al-Saif. The book sheds the light on some Shia Imami scholars over ten centuries. Al-Saif presents these distinguished scholars who had known ... [Details]
Center of Civilization for the Development of Islamic Thought issued recently a book entitled “Shia Today problems of Identity and Integration” by the Islamic thinker Mohammed al Mahfoud. Al Mahfoud wrote in the introduction about Shia as being an important component ... [Details]