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Last update: 29 / 1 / 2015 - 1:12 PM   KSA
The newly appointed King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz, the Crown Prince Muqrin bin Abdul-Aziz and Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Naif received on January 24th a group of Shia leaders from Qatif, Dammam and al-Ahsa who visited the royal Court in ... [Details]
On the Anniversary of the Birth of the Prophet, Muhammad (Peace and Prayers be upon Him) a celebration took place on January 15 in Qudaih, Sayed Hassan Al-Nimer Al-Moussawi emphasized, on the importance of coexistence among people. Al-Nimer defined coexistence as ... [Details]
Saudi agencies including official TV stations, Al-Arabiya TV, and most of the local newspapers reported on January 7, the meeting of the Governor of Riyadh, Prince Turki bin Abdullah with Sheikh Hassan Al-Saffar and other Shia members. The delegation included Dr. ... [Details]
ar Al Safwa in Lebanon issued “mn a'a'lam alimamiah bin alfkih ala'mani wa'gha bzrk althrani” by Sheikh Fawazy Al-Saif. The book sheds the light on some Shia Imami scholars over ten centuries. Al-Saif presents these distinguished scholars who had known ... [Details]
Center of Civilization for the Development of Islamic Thought issued recently a book entitled “Shia Today problems of Identity and Integration” by the Islamic thinker Mohammed al Mahfoud. Al Mahfoud wrote in the introduction about Shia as being an important component ... [Details]
“Dialogue and Openness toward Others” by Shiekh Hasan Al-Saffar raises a serious issue in our society that suffers from the absence of openness among each other and lack of dialogue between various parties. The book discusses the causes behind the ... [Details]