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Last update: 18 / 12 / 2014 - 9:27 AM   KSA
Al Omari said that “environment in which individuals are born determines their religious affiliation and beliefs”. He added that “tolerance should not be limited to words and sermons but it must be acts in order to achieve its aims.” Al Omari ... [Details]
National Communication Committee in Qatif received on October, 7 a delegation from Unaiza, a city in the north region of Qassim, Saudi Arabia within its program of mutual visits. Among the delegation was Abdulrahman al-Qar'awi, and Saleh al-Quraida, a poet, expressed ... [Details]
Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Abdul-Aziz, the governor of Al-Qassim Province received on November 18, a delegation including intellectuals and scholars from al-Ahsa who came to console the family of Mohammed al-Enazi, a police officer martyred in a security raid ... [Details]
Center of Civilization for the Development of Islamic Thought issued recently a book entitled “Shia Today problems of Identity and Integration” by the Islamic thinker Mohammed al Mahfoud. Al Mahfoud wrote in the introduction about Shia as being an important component ... [Details]
“Dialogue and Openness toward Others” by Shiekh Hasan Al-Saffar raises a serious issue in our society that suffers from the absence of openness among each other and lack of dialogue between various parties. The book discusses the causes behind the ... [Details]
According to the authors, Shiites in Saudi Arabia are confined between the state which is based on “Wahhabism”, (an extreme orientation that excludes other sects) and Shiite political movements which emerged after the Iranian revolution. They believe that both orientations ... [Details]