Home Nation and Citizenship; Rights and Duties
Saudishia.com - 15 / 7 / 2009 - 1:53 am

In 1996, AlSafwa Publishing House released a book entitled "Home Nation and Citizenship; Rights and Duties" by Sheikh Hasan Alsaffar who is one the most distinctive reformative Shiite leaders in Saudi Arabia. This book is a research that explores the relationship between Muslims and their home nation; specifically in this current critical situation which promotes disunity in the Muslims World. It, also, aims to address various significant social issues.

The author, in his book, defines home nation as it is the place where individual lives in, have interests or is the residence of his/her family. He, also, defines citizenship that through which citizens can attain their rights and are obligated to their duties for their home nation.

He states that all human beings have the right to live in their homeplaces and no one has the authority to forfeit them this right. He, also, indicates that Islam condemns all who try to deprive people from this right or use it as a coercive tool to make them do or believe in what they want. Therefore, Islam legitimizes Jihad and combat to people in defending their natural right; the right of living in their homeland.

The writer explains that home in Muslims' conscious is within three interlocking circles. Religious affiliation is one of those circles and the most important one, where Muslims consider themselves that they are living in one whole nation disregarding all political entities and geographical boundaries.

He refers to political entity as the second circle in which every individual lives in a state, holds its nationality and all of his/her life aspects and future are connected to this entity. Although Muslims hope that all those political entities merge together to constitutes one whole Islamic nation, that does not mean they do not have to hold the responsibility and be loyal to the state they are living in.

The writer mentions hometown as the third circle, and that it is the town or the region where the individual got born and raised in. He points that people lean toward this circle even if they had lived in other regions for a long time. He states that each one of those three circles does not contradict with the others; it integrates with the others.

Moreover, Sheikh Alsaffar, in his book, names four basic duties for citizens towards their home nations; spreading and promoting Islam, defending the homeland against the aggressors, cooperating with other citizens and working for their nation's development and progress.

The author, also, mentions three rights that all citizens must have; dignity, security and economic equality. Those rights would urge citizens to respect their home nation, and seek its development and prosperity.

• Book: "Home Nation and Citizenship; Rights and Duties"
• Author: Sheikh Hasan Alsaffar
• Publisher: AlSafwa Publishing House, Beirut, Lebanon
• Pages: 59
• Publishing Year: first edition in 1996