Salafis and Shiites; a Dialogue Experience - 30 / 9 / 2012 - 3:01 pm

Arab Diffusion Company in Beirut, Lebanon, has recently published a book entitled “Salafis and Shiites; a Dialogue Experience” which is collected and prepared by AbdulBari AlDakheel. 

In this book, AlDakheel refers to the several hostings and dialogues that were carried out between Saudi Shiite and Salafi religious leaders and public figures through the years.

He points to Sheikh Hasan AlSaffar’s pioneer role in establishing communication and promoting openness and recognition of others. He mentions several meetings in which Sheikh AlSaffar had met many Salafi figures such as Sheikh bin Baz, Sheikh AbdulMuhsin AlObaikan and Sheikh AbdulRahman AlMuharaj.

Moreover, AlDakheel indicates several hostings in which Sheikh AlSaffar had invited Sheikh Dr. Awdh AlQarni, Sheikh Dr. Addnan AlZahrani, Sheikh Dr. Saad AlBuraik, Sheikh Dr. Eisa AlGaith and many other Saudi religious figures and intellectuals of different backgrounds.

He mentions that the region’s cultural forum had, also, made many initiatives in this field; prominently Althulatha Cultural Forum in Qatif which is sponsored by Jafar AlShayeb. The author points to some of Althulatha Forum’s distinctive invitations to which many prominent Salafi figures were invited to discuss and deliver lectures on different religious, intellectual and national issues.

In these meetings, AlDakheel stresses that all Shiites and Salafis had confirmed the significance of such meetings for achieving coexistence, solidarity and recognition of others. They, also, emphasized the importance of national dialogue and communication, and warned of drifting behind the calls rejecting other different sects and groups because such calls contradict the true Islam’s principles and teachings.

• Book: “Salafis and Shiites; a Dialogue Experience”
• Author: collected and prepared by AbdulBari AlDakheel
• Pages: 335
• Publishing Year: first edition in 2012
• Publisher: Arab Diffusion Company in Beirut, Lebanon