The Right of Coexistence - 22 / 4 / 2013 - 1:07 pm

“The Right of Coexistence” by Mohammad Mahfoudh, which is released recently by Madarek Publishing House, is an attempt for enforcing the concept of diversity in the Arab societies, and is a call for dealing with religious and cultural pluralism with openness and positivity. This three-chapter book explores how to achieve unity through the respect of diversity and establish a national coexistence based on freedom, tolerance and human rights.

In the first chapter, the author mentions that Islam notably prohibits abusing human beings ensuring that doctrinal, intellectual and political differences are not justifications for violating rights and assaulting dignities. He believes that dealing with issues of doctrinal, regional and ethnic diversity through the principle of minority and majority is totally hindering national unity and social peace.

As for the second chapter which is titled “The Right of Coexistence”, Mohammad Mahfoudh indicates that public participation of all social groups is the way for ending internal seclusion and foiling any attempts of conspiracies. He, also, affirms that real citizenship is morally and mentally accepting the other different people as they are all from one nation sharing the same fate.

Moreover, the writer stresses that economic weakness, lack of political stability and the absence of moral and ethical values greatly affect the social stability in communities which would result in social wars and disputes. Such status deprives people in the Arab world from balance and peace and directs all energies towards destruction; not construction and development, resulting in backward, isolated communities.

“For an Integrated Citizenship” is the title of the third chapter in which the author explains the devastating effects of hatred culture on the society, and emphasizes the necessity of rejecting this culture through dialogue and eliminating the barrier of ignorance. He confirms that recognizing diversity and equal citizenship would greatly contribute in controlling the differences, promoting communication and mutual understanding and directing dialogue towards significant national issues.

• Book: “The Right of Coexistence”
• Author: Mohammad Mahfoudh
• Publisher: Madarek Publishing House
• Publishing Year: first edition in 2013
• Pages: 157