Role of CSOs and Protection of Human Rights in SA - 24 / 4 / 2013 - 3:55 pm

Within “Theses” series by Afaq Center for Studies and Research, the Saudi researcher Alya A. Farid recently published a research titled “Role of Civil Society Organizations and Protection of Human Rights in Saudi Arabia”. This research, which is divided into five chapters, discusses the impact of civil society development on human rights in Saudi Arabia.

Farid refers to the importance of human rights and sources of international law in the first chapter which she has divided into three sections. She points to the significance of human rights in the first section and explores the sources of human rights in the second one while the third section is titled “Human Rights in the Law of Saudi Arabia”.

In the next chapter, the researcher addresses the international human rights protection mechanisms within three sections. She tackles civil, political, economic and social rights, then, refers to non-governmental organization pointing to the international, European and American protection and to the political regimes stands of human rights.

As for the third chapter, it is titled “Human Rights in Saudi Arabia; Reality and Anticipation”, and explores various rights issues that concern the Saudi society; specifically Saudi women rights, civil rights and the development of rights movement in Saudi Arabia.

In the following chapter, Farid discusses the role of civil society organizations in enforcing the principle of citizenship, and mentions the features of the civil society and civil associations.

Moreover, she reviews, in the last chapter, the formation of the Saudi society and the reality and action of civil institutions. She, also, addresses the most prominent activities of civil society organization and their positive impacts to human rights field.

• Book: “Role of Civil Society Organizations and Protection of Human Rights in Saudi Arabia”
• Author: Alya A. Farid
• Publisher: Afaq Center for Studies and Research
• Publishing Year: first edition in 2013
• Pages: 526