Saudi Sunnis and Shiites Meet and Emphasize the Significance of National Cohesion - 23 / 7 / 2013 - 1:12 pm

Dr. AbdulAziz AlOtaishan, the sponsor of “Kuluna Lel-Watan; All of Us Are for the Nation” Forum, and Dr. AbdulAziz AlHasan conducted a meeting on Thursday, July 18, 2013. The meeting included around fifty public figures prominently Sayyed Ali AlNasir and the Shura Council member Mohammad Nasr-Allah as well as a group of intellectuals and businessmen.

Dr. AlHasan reviewed the Forum’s objectives and programs and called the government to enact a law for criminating sectarianism while Dr. AlOtaishan, who is a member of the Shura Council, talked about the necessity of preserving national unity and civil peace.

Moreover, Sheikh Hasan AlSaffar, a prominent Shiite leader from Qatif, met with Dr. AbdulAziz AlOtaishan on the evening of Friday, July 19, 2013. Sheikh AlSaffar commended AlOtaishan’s interest in national unity confirming the importance of intercommunication between citizens from different regions, sects and orientations.

In a large group of intellectuals and businessmen, AlSaffar stressed the significance of the Forum’s motto; “All of Us Are for the Nation” illustrating that citizens must serve their nation, protect its interests and maintain its stability.

He, also, said that the other side of this motto is “The Nation Is for All of Us” insisting on that all citizens have the right to enjoy the states’ fortunes and services without any form of exclusion or discrimination.

On the other hand, Dr. AlOtaishan pointed to the seditions and disorders in other states which made them lack for safety and stability and enabled the enemies from penetrating their nations.

He, also, expressed his anticipations in Saudi Arabia’s leadership and its ability to overcome difficulties and keep being on the way for development. He underlined the priority of enacting a law for criminating abuse and hatred incitement between citizens.

In the same regard, a group of Sunnis and Shiites from different Saudi regions were invited in Qatif region to participate in a meeting titled “Together for Spreading love, Tolerance and Intimacy”.

No to sectarianism Suhoor

“This gathering stressed the importance of rejecting the culture of hatred and exclusion”, Ali AlNasir said, one of the organizers of the meeting. He, also, pointed out that the participants are all citizens of both Sunnis and Shiites from different Saudi regions.

During this gathering which offered a collective Suhoor, all of the attendants exchanged cordial talks, and showed their support to all thoughts and viewpoints that contribute in promoting cohesion and national unity.