Qatif; the Past and Future of the Residential Movement - 20 / 8 / 2013 - 10:53 am

Within “Theses” series by Afaq Center for Studies and Research, the Saudi researcher Balqees A. AlSadah published a research titled “Qatif; the Past and Future of the Residential Movement”. This six-chapter research, which is the writer’s Master degree thesis and which was discussed at King Saud University in Riyadh, is a study of the urban planning in Qatif.

The first chapter in this research is dedicated for the methodical procedures while the second reviews the most significant features of Qatif. As for the third chapter, it contains the most prominent demographic and residential peculiarities of the research sample.

The fourth chapter discusses the spatial characteristics of the residential mobility orientations; however, the fifth one covers the most influential factors on the residential movement. As for the last chapter, it explores the future prospects of residential movement in Qatif.

In this research, AlSadah mentions that this study is important because it provides indications for adjusting and developing in the urban and residential policies through understanding the factors and the process of residential movement in Qatif, and, consequently, benefiting from it in the urban planning studies of the city.

The researcher ends he study with a set of suggestions and recommendation which are divided into two parts; practical and academic. She suggests constructing a governmental housing or a town attached to Qatif city considering the standards of sustainable development, and adjusting the current borders of the urban zone of Qatif city. She, also, recommends connecting this governmental housing (or the attached town) with highways to Dammam, Ras Tanoura and Jubail because most of Qatif’s population works in those cities.

AlSadah used both theoretical and field approaches in preparing and achieving the results of her research, and supported her study with diagrams, photos and charts which facilitate reading and understanding the information.

• Book: “Qatif; the Past and Future of the Residential Movement”
• Author: Balqees A. AlSadah
• Publisher: Afaq Center for Studies and Research
• Publishing Year: first edition in 2013
• Pages: 315