Bay of Qatif and Conflict - 30 / 3 / 2014 - 10:48 am

Bay of Qatif and Conflict (1500- 1920) is considered one of the books that review events and conflicts which took place in Qatif between colonial and local powers. It follows the movement of groups and tribes and its impact on indigenous people, from tenth Hijri century until the early fourteenth century.

The author Hussein Alselham, a historian researcher, reintroduced the history of Qatif through serious research and analysis.

In the first chapter, the writer reviewed names of the Arabian Gulf during the past ages to the present day, with a brief description of the bay, and the cities along its shores.  In the second chapter, he provided a brief introduction about the populations who contemporized those historic events, as well as identified forces which were able to control regions of Qatif during that period such as, «Bahrainis, Hermzion, Jabour, Portuguese, Al-Fadl, Safavids, Ottomans, Khawaled, Utub, Wahhabis».

The third chapter covered the conditions of Qatif during Hermazi and Portuguese rule, and how Jabour managed to control the area, and how Portuguese succeeded to return and expelled Jabour from Bahrain and Qatif.

Chapter four dealt with the control of Al-Fadl on Qatif and Al-Ahsa, the beginning of the first Ottoman control in the region, the return of Hermazi who ruled, until Ottomans succeeded to dominate the region again, then the emergence of Bani Khalid who migrated from Najd to Al-Ahsa and Qatif.

Chapter five talked about the status of Qatif in the 11th century and the control of Safavid Hormuz, Bahrain, and the colonial competition between Dutch and British on the Gulf, the control of Hussein Pasha on Qatif and then the control of Bani Khalid tribe.

Chapter six reviewed the events of the twelfth century including Bahrain, the events of the Safavid control, and the role of Nadir Shah in the events.

In the second part of the book, chapter one dealt with the events of Qatif during the thirteenth century and the control of Utub over Bahrain. It also covers the beginning of the first Saudi state and the destruction of Dir'iya by the Egyptian army and the trip of Sadlier to Qatif.

Chapter two reviewed the events which took place in Qatif during the second Saudi state and the rule of Egyptian and their withdrawal. Moreover it reviewed the control of AlThunnayan over Qatif until the return of Faisal and the Bjeriv trip to Qatif during that period.

The third chapter reviewed the end of the Saudi regime and the second civil wars in the region beside the occupation of Qatif by the Ottoman Empire for the second time.

Chapter four revised the situation in the region before Saudi regimes until the control of King Abdul Aziz on Al-Ahsa and Qatif for the third time and the regional events in that period.

Chapter five talked about the role of sectarianism in the events of Qatif and the demographic change in the area.

Book: Bay of Qatif and Conflict (1500- 1920)
Author: Hussein Alselham
Publisher: Atyaf for publishing and Distribution
Pages: The first volume 520
The second volume 494