Uncontrolled Hatred
Saudishia.com - 20 / 5 / 2014 - 1:13 pm

By Hassan Al-Mustafa,
Riyadh Newspaper
May 9

Transformation is the nature of human societies, sometimes this change comes suddenly without any logical preface. This certainly leads to a conflict between logical thinking and collective opinion which may result in social violence. 

It is necessary to enact laws that govern the relationship between individuals and groups to make societies more disciplined without imposing restrictions on people. Regulations should be based on the principle “the state for all”; law has to be the basis of developing governmental and private institutions as well as the basis of relationship between individuals and their partners in homeland.

The importance of regulations is not in restrain aggression in human soul, but of being a reference for people in conflicts and as a framework reshapes sub identities without eliminating them or making them dominate the comprehensive national identity. 

Dr. Tawfiq Al-Saif wrote an article on Aliqtesadiah Newspaper titled "Law for Protecting National Unity" where he said that “the society in Saudi Arabia needs to activate its available legal regulation”. Al-Saif concentrated on article 12 of the Basic Law of Governance in Saudi Arabia which states that “promoting national unity is a duty and the state will prevent anything that may lead to sedition and division.". He considered this an explicit statement sets the stage for the state and society to participate in enhancing unity and comprehensive national identity. 

Al-Saif said that "the Saudi society is no longer simple as it was before” and that "moral and religious discourse are no longer sufficient to correct mistakes, too”. He believes that there is no alternative for enacting law criminalizing hatred if we want to protect our national unity and social peace in such tense situation in the region. 

This call was endorsed also by Khaled Al-Suhail who wrote another article saying that “the society is in bad need for a law criminalizing hatred and emphasizing that it should be adopted by King Abdul Aziz National Dialogue center, human rights commissions and the Shura (Consultative) Council”.

This initiative realizes the danger that threatens the society due to extreme thought which dominate the Arab region through satellite channels and social communications media, continuous bloody conflict in Syria, sectarianism crisis in most Arab countries and politicizing religion to achieve political goals.

Hatred culture and some religious discourse cause lack of equality and justice among citizens as well as violence which result in massacres as in Syria, Iraq, Rwanda, Bosnia and other communities.