What do Radicals Want from Our Country?
Saudishia.com - 9 / 5 / 2014 - 10:24 am

Social networking has revealed intellectual, mental, moral and unpatriotic disorder of some academics, scholars and preachers. Many incitement hashtags are written by sectarian people who aim to spread terrorism and threaten national security.

Broadcasting such hashtags at this time in the light of the rapid changes in the region, is to stir sedition and chaos and recruit young people to fight in Saudi Arabia

We certainly know that the motivation of Saudi young people to fight in Syria, Iraq, and with ISIS is a sectarian one. They are not interested in protecting Syrians, spreading democracy or defending human rights.
The ongoing clashes between ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra in eastern Syria, resulted in killing and displacing hundreds of thousands Syrians instead of helping them.

In the past few years; Dr. Abdullah al-Nafisi claimed that Iran plans to raid the Arab Gulf, alleging that he had lived in Iran for about a year and met most of its officials. Therefore he demanded to combine Gulf countries in one state. This was an attempt to stir up sedition as in Syria and Iraq.

Al-Nafisi believes that Gulf governments are fighting jihadist everywhere which contributes in the end of Sunni Islamist movements. When Al-Nafisi failed to raise sedition among governments, he tried to incite people not against Iran this time but against the government.

After liberating Kuwait in 1991; a young man came to me and said that “there is someone who asked to provide him with weapons at any price in order to fight Shiites in the Eastern Province because they are going to revolt against Sunnis and the government will stands with them”. Later on, I discovered that the young man was one of al-Qaeda founder in the Arabian Peninsula, which means that sectarianism is the approach of terrorists to reach their destructive goals.

Terrorist groups use religion as a mean to justify killing people in the Kingdom. “Displace Jews and Christians from the Arabian Peninsula” is their basis to launch their attacks.

Extremists use Social networking to influence youth and spread their extreme ideology. All citizens are equal before the law, so why radicals who claim defending Islam are left without punishment?        

Abdulrahman al-Wabili
May, 9, 2014
Al-Watan Newspaper