Religious Discourse to Where? - 16 / 9 / 2014 - 12:16 pm

Mohamed bin Ali al-Mahmoud

Regardless the relationship between religious speeches and radicalism, we have to admit that terrorism is originally a religious crisis. It is not just a criminal behavior rather than solid religious beliefs among its followers which makes them sacrifices themselves for such principles.

After the official call which was directed to the preachers in order to do their religious duty, some of them responded while others prefer to keep silent.

Stressing on religious beliefs does not mean excluding other factors such as poverty, unemployment and injustice but comparing with the religious principles those are secondary reasons. It is unreasonable that someone can bomb himself killing thousands of innocent people because he is frustrated. There are many wealthy people who have joined terrorist groups which affirm that religious beliefs are the main motivation.

People who justify terrorist acts under false pretext as poverty, unemployment and injustice are supporting radicalism and have no sense of national or religious responsibility.

Some ideological and religious beliefs which existed in certain cultural or political situation in the past have become part of the heritage. The problem is not in the legacy but in the inheritors who received them as solid convictions.

Although 99% of Muslims realize the invalidity of some Ijtihaad issues "independent reasoning", many of them don’t have the courage to criticize Islamic heritage and its symbols.

Young people, who listen in each Friday to incitement discourse against Shiite and other sects and see the sectarian conflict in Syria and Iraq, are enthusiastic to go and protect their doctrine or they will consider themselves disbelievers, especially if they heard such speeches from well-known preachers.

If I personally convinced of what those religious scholars said, I will go immediately to fight, or I will consider myself a coward and unfaithful. 

This is a partial translation of the Arabic original article which was published in al Riyadh Newspaper on September, 4.