Messages from al-Dalowah
Jafar Mohammad Alshayeb - 8 / 12 / 2014 - 10:05 am

We thank all people who expressed their condolences and solidarity with us in the terrorist attack against Shias in al-Ahsa whether from inside or outside Saudi Arabia.  We express our consolation to the state which lost a number of its loyal officers who sacrificed themselves to prosecute the perpetrators.

Victims were commemorating Ashura without thinking that there are some people planning to kill them. Our messages carried and still carry the same principles - love, nationalism, tolerance, communication and integration.

We say to the perpetrators of this attack; your aim was to stir strife between parts of society by killing innocent people and we express thanks to the security forces who were able to arrest you.  Your criminal attack unified Saudi society and all Saudis will stand next to each other to eliminate extremism.

We praise the noble attitude of all writers, intellectuals and scholars. Their voices contribute to enhancing national unity. The state is for all Sunnis and Shias, so stop using religion to justify your crimes.

We say to radicals and extremists, You are responsible for fueling sectarianism by using the pulpit and the media to stir up hatred. Each one of you has raised and is still raising the same controversial issues which led to divisions in Islam. You have utilized religion to split people instead of spreading love and tolerance.

We express thanks to the state officials who came to express their condolences to the bereaved families. We sharply denounce any act that threatens security and national unity. Yet we demand the enactment of laws that criminalize sectarian strife, a review of curricula and an enforcement of materials that enhance national unity.

This case is a national one. We say to people who try to change this fact, you are still living in the swamp of sectarianism, where you are accustomed to blame foreign political agendas to justify your radical thought.

We emphasize that this crime is internal one, and we are the ones who have to deal with it. During the past few days, citizens have been a model of cohesion and unity; this image hasn’t been seen in Saudi Arabia for decades.

We hope this painful incident will open the way to address some other outstanding issues and strengthen national unity.