Equality Builds Nations
Saudishia.com - 30 / 12 / 2014 - 11:12 am

Saud Abdul Karim Al-Faraj, a Saudi writer and Poet
December 25, 2014
Juhaina News Network

An activist from Oman says in an interview at one of TV stations, that the prevailing civil peace in Oman back to the Omani constitution which states that “all citizens are equal in rights regardless of their colors and affiliations.” It also confirms the right of each individual to practice their religious rituals freely. 

This Omani citizen is proud of her country’s laws that have criminalized sectarian and hatred behaviors among citizens. A Saudi writer called Abdul Wahid Al-Hamid published once an article in alyaum Newspaper saying “I went to Oman where I saw a big difference between Omani people who compete to develop their minds while our concern is how to build concrete floors.”

l see that some Arab States differentiate between their people and treat them as third class citizens. Furthermore, some authorities practice oppression, and limit citizens' rights to occupy high positions or other sensitive jobs in the state.  This prejudice indeed affected women as well. In some Arab countries female cannot holds even lower administrative positions!

At the age of openness and democracy, Obama who comes from African American origins became the President of the United States of America. This shows the advantages of democracy and the negatives of Arab regimes which raise the banner of Islam, yet neglect people’s rights.

Prophet Mohammed “peace be upon him” was dealing with people on the basis of citizenship. He never discriminate between Jewish and Muslims or between male and female.

In fact, Pluralism is a source of enrichment, also dialogue and giving people their legitimate rights lead to reconciliation and a state of security and stability.

Questioning loyalty of others, who have done nothing but demand their legitimate rights and excluding them will result in nothing but more tension.   

Heavenly religions, laws and human rights organizations all over the world recognize citizens’ right to demand equality and freedom; therefore authorities have to meet people’s demands and to be more tolerant instead of considering them outlaws.