Imamia Figures from the Time of Omani to Agha Bozruk - 30 / 12 / 2014 - 11:47 am

ar Al Safwa in Lebanon issued “mn a'a'lam alimamiah bin alfkih ala'mani wa'gha bzrk althrani” by Sheikh Fawazy Al-Saif. The book sheds the light on some Shia Imami scholars over ten centuries. Al-Saif presents these distinguished scholars who had known of their rich experience and moral perfection to be models for young generation.

Al-Saif who is a well-known specialist in Shia history and runs a religious institution in Qatif covers in his book the biography of 32 prominent Shia scholars from various regions among them Kulayni, Hassan bin Ali Omani “the first religious authority for Shia”, Ibn Abi Jumhour al- Ahsa’i, Sheikh Ibrahim bin Sulaiman, Zinedine al-Amili, Sheikh Yusuf al-Bahrani and the miracle of India Mir Hamid Hussein Al-Naqawi.

The writer does not only concentrate on personal aspects of these figures or their individual experiences but also evaluates and reviews some of their important writings and books. Al-Saif also studied some historical issues such as the roots of sectarian conflict, and the reasons for the fall of Iraq before the Mongol invasion.

He covers some controversial intellectual and ideological issues among Shia religious community such as infallibility of prophets and Imams. Al-Saif mentions the models of ideological dialogue between those scholars such as the approach of Mir Hamid Hussein and Zinedine al-Amili. There was also an explanation of convergence and divergence points among the jurisprudence schools of Shia, mainly the Ikhbarias and Uslis.

The book refers to some political events including Tobacco Protest and the efforts of Mirza al-Shirazi to achieve the independence of Iran's economy against the British. It reviews as well the Constitutional Revolution and the Iraqi revolution against British occupation. 

In fact, Al-Saif presents in his book a conscious reading of the historical issues and their causes, aiming to present models of success to the new generation.  

The book: Imamia Figures from the Time of Omani to Agha Bozruk
Author: Sheikh Fawazy Al-Saif
Publisher: Dar Al Safwa Beirut
Year of publish: 2012
Pages: 429