New Media and Exclusion - 1 / 2 / 2015 - 10:28 am

Writing about various means of media becomes more like a risk because media is no longer limited on providing news services as it used to do throughout centuries. Recently, it turned to exercise leading role in the community and developed to be a mean for change, especially new media as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and blogs.

Many outlets of new media affect national fabric which includes many cultures, customs, dialects and sects.  The first decade of the new millennium witnessed a strong presence of social networking among citizens.  People found in Twitter, Facebook and YouTube an outlet from dictatorship which prevents them from practicing their rights to free expression.   

A glance over Twitter may reveal to what extent there is tension among its users. They are using different means to eliminate their opponents- if this expression can be used- because people reject cultural or sectarian pluralism. 

To eradicate opponents, two methods are being used, the first based on killing and horrifying adversaries, just as ISIS, Boko Haram and other terrorist organizations do. The second one uses insults, accusations of treason and blasphemy.

Violating individuals and groups via social networking is a serious phenomenon contributes in increasing tension in the society. It seems that the time has come to stop all those practices which pave the way for chaos and strife.   

We are now in a need to enact legislations and laws to criminalize all forms of violence extremism. Applying such decisions will preserve security and the society from the consequences of such violations.

                                    This is a summary of the original article which published in Riyadh Newspaper dated January 18