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The events of Sheikha, a novel written by Ali Hassan Abu Alsaud are real and took place in Qatif at the end of the second era of Prince Turki bin Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Saud rule and the beginning of Prince Faisal era.

Due to the location of the Eastern Region and its wealth, Prince Faisal bin Turki period was occupied by conflicts between various parties in the Arabian Peninsula.

At this period, Qatif has suffered from a bloody conflict between its leaders. The writer deals with these events in a different manner than other traditional history books do.    

According to the story of Mohammed Saeed Al-Muslim, Bahrain's rulers Al-Khalifa attacked Qatif and captured Darien and then swept to Tarout Island. Therefore, the Governor of Qatif at that time, Abdullah bin Ghanim prepared his ships to repel invasion. He sent an order to people of Saihat to prepare their ships too and agreed to meet in a certain day. Unfortunately Ghanim fleet was late and Saihat army incurred all losses.     

People of Saihat thought that they were deceived by Ghanim and determined to take revenge. So, a group of people attacked Ghanim and killed him in Saihat. After that, they feared consequences and sent a message to Sheikh Abdullah bin Khalifa proposing to surrender the town. 

When Prince Turki received the news, he prepared an army in the leadership of Prince Faisal and siege Saihat. In the meantime he heard the news of his father’s death which forces him to return to Najd and leaves the town for Al-Khalifa.  

On the other hand, the poet Mohammed Saeed Sheikh Ali Al-khunaizy reported that in the era of Abdullah bin Ghanim, nomads and pirates attacked pearl divers. Such raids frequently occur in the era of the Ottoman Empire. To stop these attacks, Ghanim asked for support from Qatif’s towns which immediately responded to his request except Saihat people who arrived after breaking the siege.

Abdullah bin Ghanim was delighted by the victory and directed inappropriate words to Saihat’s leader “Abdul Rahim Al-Nasr” for delaying from support. He described him and his men as girls, these words were a flame to starting a war, yet Abdul Rahim was able to hide his anger and apologized to Abdullah bin Ghanim. To show that he is not angry, Al-Nasr invited bin Ghanim to Saihat to honoring him but inside himself he was intending to take revenge and this invitation was just a trick.  Bin Ghanim accepted the call but in his way, he found himself in a trap where he was taken to Saihat and killed there.

Book: "Sheikha
Author: Ali Hassan Abu Alsaud
Publisher: Eastern Region Literary Club
Year of Publish: 2014
Pages: 247