The Desire of Coexistence
Mohammad Mahfoudh - 1 / 3 / 2015 - 8:51 am

Mohammad Al-Mahfoudh                                                                   
Riyadh Newspaper
February, 17, 2015

coexistence is the gate for maintaining and enhancing unity; certainly any softness in this will reflects negatively on unity.  On social level, diversity and different opinions are existed among people. It is not necessary to find someone likes the same things you do or hates what you dislike. 

Diversity is an existing fact in societies, and no one even those who have power and influence can eliminate this truth. It is the law of the universe; God had created people differently and called them to become acquainted.

According to divine laws, diversity doesn’t consider a cause for starting a conflict, but a reason for acquaintance. We should be aware that God had created us differently, yet this recognition must not lead to mutual hatred and hostility but  to openness and reinforcing commonalities. 

Between diversity and acquaintance lies the value of coexistence which stands against all psychological and social barriers between people.

Recognition of pluralism is considered the basis for acquaintance and it can’t be achieved without realizing the value of coexistence. Coexistence is not a neutral or negative value, but a practical behavior that can regulates human relations. Anyone feels that there is no need for coexistence is threatening social and political stability.

Everybody talks about the need of coexistence and its importance; however the problem is in the absence of this desire. In another meaning, talking about coexistence is not required if we are not going to apply it on the ground.

We are not exaggerating if we say that most of the societies which are characterized by diversity suffer from the absence of the desire for coexistence. Everybody almost talk about this value, however few of them have psychological and social readiness for applying it.

Coexistence can’t be achieved by calls only, but by complete readiness among various groups in a united national context that can go over all impediments. Pluralism is maintained by enhancing coexistence where everybody can touches its benefits. 

The desire of coexistence is a continuous effort to strengthen commonalities and enrich social scene by spreading cooperation culture whatever the circumstances is, and creating a national environment valuing humanity and treat individuals equally regardless of their origins.  

coexistence can't be acheived through sermons only, but by enacting a law protecting it and all its requirements, furthermore prevents all forms of abuses. 

Coexistence is a social reality that should be protected from any dispute and preserving it requires a comprehensive legal system criminalizing abusers and educating people about the importance of national unity.

To enhance coexistence in our society, it is important to formulate an integrated national charter recognize pluralism. The state is for all citizens and authorities should seek to enhance unity and combating all forms of hatred between people. The strength of the state lies in unity no matter how far the spaces between us are.

communities which characterized by diversity, need a national charter that doesn’t differentiate between citizens on the basis of their religious affiliations and this requires a national initiative to achieve coexistence and maintain internal unity.

Such mechanism can end barriers between citizens and contributes to form a national culture which combats fanaticism and encourage integration. Still it needs continuous effort and cooperation between official organizations and civil ones.

There is a social and a national need to introduce practical formulations to achieve coexistence in our society. Talking about coexistence doesn’t give us a justification from searching for a mechanism to apply this value on reality.