Religion Debates and Changes in Saudi Society - 22 / 3 / 2015 - 2:32 pm

“Religion Debates and Changes in Saudi Society” by Twafiq Al-Saif includes articles written and published at different times, all try to analysis issues which cause controversy and to raise awareness of major public affairs.

Al-Saif mentions that during the past three decades, Saudi society was a field for conflicts between traditional culture which tries to survive and modernization. He adds that this conflict is considered one of the causes of tension in Saudi Arabia.

The author explains how does the old lifestyle in Saudi society changed toward urbanization, and the implications of this change on norms, family and social relationships. He also speaks about how the conflict started between old generation which are influenced by traditions and the new one that has arisen in the light of modern culture methods.

Al-Saif talks about how young people left the traditional ideology to search for another contains them and fulfill their aspirations. He indicates to the influence of internet on people and how it enabled youth to understand the world better.

He reviews renewal religious thought for contemporary thinkers and discusses some of the issues that had occupied the Saudi public opinion such as women and the right of driving and being in the same work place or fields with men.

The book talks about the new ideologies that attract people and about overlapping of discussions, the conflict between modernist and fundamentalist and about how social reality stand as an obstacle toward change.

Al-Saif explains how it is difficult for Muslims to choose between religion and modernization although they can both go together.     
On the other hand, talks about cleric’s stance which became according to the interests of religion; and how people sanctify cleric’s opinions although they are not heavenly verdicts.

“Religion Debates and Changes in Saudi Society” discusses controversial issues in Saudi society and aims to analyze causes.

• Book: " Religion Debates and Changes in Saudi Society "
• Author: Dr. Tawfiq Alsaif
• Publisher: Dar-altanweer for publishing and disturbing
• Publishing Year: 2015
• Pages: 192