Tawfiq Al-Saife from Sectarianism to Humanism
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Hassan Al-Jumayan
March 18, 2015

Dr. Tawfiq Al-Saif tweet about the buried Hareth Al-Zari, a Sunni Iraqi leader few days ago raised the anger of sectarians who didn’t criticize the tweet only but Al-Saif as a person. No one denies individual’s right to free expression and criticism, as this right is guaranteed for all, but it shouldn’t exceeded to degrading dignity, because then it called abuse and not expression.

Through reading Al-Saif's writings, articles and posts in social media, any one will realize that he concentrates on humanity regardless individual’s religious, political or cultural affiliations.

Al-Saif believes that individuals are free and responsible for their decisions and choices;  he seeks to spread tolerance and eliminate sectarianism to achieve civil peace. Once he wrote an article entitled “to Be Equal” in which he defines tolerance as recognizing that every person has the right to choose what he believes in. On the other hand, Al-Saif criticized hatred where he said “bloodshed, destruction, and the tears across the Muslim world are no longer a game, but it is warning that our future will be occupied by wars fueled by hatred.

Al-Saif’s concern is ending sectarian conflicts which are the cause of Muslims backwardness. he concentrates on what contribute to development.

Through his writings, Al-Saif aims to go over sectarianism;  he says that “developed countries are preoccupied with investing present and its potentials and they are more realistic and moderate in dealing with others because they value human achievements and time”