Nasrallah Calls to Accelerate Issuing a Law Maintaining National Unity - « » - 29 / 4 / 2015 - 2:45 pm

A member in Shura Council, Mohammad Reza Nasrallah demanded on April 28 to accelerate issuing a national unity law.

In a closed public affairs session Nasrallah said “authorities took in one week strict procedures against sectarian and racism practices which negative influence national cohesion. Such abuses raise outrage of the Custodian of the Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz thus he issued a deterrent decree to stop a prince who insulted a citizen for his ethnic background. The Minister of Defense also immediately ordered investigation against an officer tweeted to kill Qatif citizens because they are just not belonging to the same doctrine. On the other hand, the Minister of Education ordered to form a higher committee investigating transferring a teacher for sectarian reasons”.  

He added “King Salman promised to address causes for conflicts and division and to eliminate any sectarian classification that may harm national unity.”

Nasrallah stressed that citizens are equal in rights and duties therefore authorities have to accelerate issuing “preserving national unity law” to maintain national cohesion. He indicated that this law has been submitted few months earlier by five Shura members formed various Saudi elements.

Nasrallah pointed that the proposed law focuses on maintaining national cohesion and protect the society from the risk of ethnic, tribal, regional and sectarian strife.

He said “among the goals of this system launching periodic programs and plans to reinforce citizenship and combat sectarianism which leads to conflict, promoting mutual understanding and coexistence between citizens and residents.”

Nasrallah added “Islam is the religion of peace and Islamic teachings denounce violence and call for coexistence and equlity.”

He confirmed that issuing such law will assist leadership in its efforts to combat discrimination and racism.

The law states that strengthening national unity is a duty; the state must prevent any abuse which may lead to division. The articles of the system also include imposing fines on any individual attempts to threat national unity.
According to Riyadh newspaper, Nasrallah confirmed that the ninth article of the law stating to punish any individual commits such acts and paying one million riyals as fine if the crime was committed under his name or for his advantage.