Shia Leaders calls for Rational Discourse and Criticize Promoting Sectarianism - « » - 4 / 5 / 2015 - 10:56 am

Sheikh Faisal Al-Awami called scholars to adopt rational moderate discourse, considering that the best way to reach stability, security and social coexistence. He indicated in Friday sermon, April, 11 that people are created differently and naturally they will have various opinions, ideas, perceptions and tendencies.

Al-Awami said “there are some people who surrender to conflicts and live in a state of strife which turns sometimes to be violence.” 

He pointed to the tragedy during the war between Catholics and Protestants which resulted in the death of thousands of people. He said “at the end both conflicting parties realize that war costs nothing but losses and that coexistence and acceptance is the solution”   

Al-Awami stressed on promoting rational discourse which respect diversity and accept people’s differences. He said “some people may criticize me, but after suffered from bitterness of conflict they will realize the importance of coexistence.

He added “we need this kind of discourse especially in the light of crisis experienced by the Arab region”. Al-Awami blames Sunnis and Shias for what is going on in Muslim countries and brining the region to this case, considering everyone a loser.

Al-Awami criticized religious and political sectarian discourse which promoted in media which cause nothing but fueling hatred.
On the other hand, Sheikh Hassan Al-Saffar called to end hatred discourse among different groups.

He said during Friday sermon in Qatif, eastern Saudi Arabia “government is the responsible for ending sectarian incitement campaigns that threaten to burn everything and everybody”

Al-Saffar added “ongoing conflicts in the region are political and not religious aim to shift balance of power among various groups, thus avoid turning each political dispute to a sectarian one because they will certainly lead to hatred and conflicts”

He criticized resorting to violence in conflicts and recommended to determine the problem and solve it away from stirring hatred.
Al-Saffar warned from giving enemies the opportunity to sharpen conflict between Sunnis and Shias and from misguided by sectarian ideologies fueled by ultraconservatives. 

He attributed the causes of political conflicts which dominate the region to the belief among some groups that they are fighting for their stolen rights.

Al-Saffar stressed that rational solutions and compromising is the best way to end conflicts. He said that “sectarian conflicts that are splitting most Islamic countries reveal the existence of a large group seek to spread hatred.”