Activist Criticize Misunderstanding Guardianship - « » - 26 / 4 / 2015 - 11:50 am

In the fifth annual forum entitled “I and My Family; Toward a Mutual Understanding” which was held on April 25 in Qatif by Family Center, a number of activists demanded to raise awareness among women of their rights and duties. They also criticized utilizing guardianship as a pretext to insult and abuse females.

The activists stressed the importance of dialogue between family members and urged to resort to counseling if needed.

The Chief of King Abdul Aziz Center for National Dialogue in Riyadh, Amal Al-Mua’limi confirmed that women played a leadership role in the family. She indicated to the importance of dialogue inside the family since it can protect and manage its affairs.    

The head of Alataa Charity Organization, Ahlam Al-Qatari criticized the lack of awareness among many families of their rights and also criticized misunderstanding religion and guardianship concept.

Citing by studies and statistics, Al-Qatari proved the seriousness of domestic violence. She said “fear from reporting concerned authorities contributes to increase violence cases”.

In her part, Latifa Al-Shaalan a member in Shura, criticized individuals and parents for their fear from resorting to psychological counselor if needed. Although 550 ladies attended the program from various regions, one of them only asked the advice of psychological counselor to resolve her family problems.