Daesh responsible for mosque bombing: Interior Ministry
Saudishia.com - 25 / 5 / 2015 - 9:50 am

Saudi Gazette report

The Interior Ministry said Daesh (the so-called IS) was responsible for the suicide bombing of a Qatif mosque that killed at least 21 people and injured 101 more on Friday, SPA reported.

The ministry's spokesman said Saleh Bin Abdulrahman Al-Qashaami, a Saudi who was already wanted for being an active member of a Daesh-affiliated terror cell, blew himself up in Al-Gudayh village.

A total of 26 members of the cell have been arrested so far. Lab tests revealed that the material used in the explosion was RDX, the spokesman said.

In addition, 16 days ago a five-member terror cell managed to kill the head of the facilities security department patrol Private Majed Ayedh Al-Ghamdi and set his body on fire while he was on duty in the south of Riyadh.

The spokesman identified the attackers as Abdulmalik Fahd Abdulrahman Al-Baadi, Mohammed Khalid Saud Al-Osaimi, Abdullah Saad Abdullah Al-Shinaiber, Mohammed Abdulrahman Tweirish Al-Tuwairesh and Mohammed Abdullah Mohammed Al-Khamees.

He said two Kalashnikov rifles used in the attack and another three rifles with 14 magazines, nine pistols and 12 clips, bayonet weapons, 230 kg of aluminum nitrate and potassium nitrate and pamphlets were confiscated from a farm in Al-Gasab province used by the terror cell as a storage facility.

Another 21 members of a terror cell who help spread the thoughts of Daesh inside the Kingdom were arrested, the spokesman said, adding that they spread propaganda for the organization, recruit youngsters to join it, solicit money to finance operations, monitor the movements of security men, collect information about crucial sites, and provide hideouts for the wanted.

One of the arrested, Isam Sulaiman Mohammed Al-Dawood, gave refuge to Al-Qashaami. The spokesman announced security authorities are continuing investigations into the two attacks, adding such crimes targeting worshipping sacred places “were run by foreign hands aiming to wedge a rift in our society and drag it toward a sectarian conflict.”

He said: “Almost all sectors of the Saudi society and world community have denounced in the strongest words those killers and these crimes.”

The names of the remaining members of the cell so far in custody:

1- Ahmed Abdullah Isa Al-Isa

2- Osamah Ali Abdullah Al-Othman

3- Osaid Othman Ahmed Addiwaish

4- Dakheel Shabeeb Dakheel Al-Dosary

5- Sulaiman Abdulaziz Mohammed Al-Rabaa

6- Saleh Ibrahim Saleh Al-Nammi

7- Saleh Saad Mohammed Al-Sinaidi

8- Abdulrahman Fahd Abdullah Al-Tuwaijri

9- Abdullah Abdulaziz Al-Hazal

10- Abdullah Sulaiman Abdullah Al-Faraj

11- Abdullah Mishaal Al-Katheeri

12- Othman Ibrahim Abdulaziz Al-Khudairi

13- Isam Sulaiman Mohammed Al-Dawood

14- Mohamemd Hamad Abdullah Al-Homaidi

15- Mohammed Ibrahim Mohammed Al-Hamdan

16- Mohammed Hamdan Homoud Al-Raheemi Al-Mitairi

17- Mohammed Abdulaziz Al-Rabaa

18- Maaz Abdulmohsen Abdullah bin Zamel

19- Abdullah Abdulaziz Mohammed Al-Saawe (16-years-old)

20- Abdullah Abdulrahman Sulaiman Al-Talq (15-years-old)

21- Saleh Mohammed Saleh Al-Saawe (15-years-old)