Intellectuals and Writers Warn from Sedition - 11 / 5 / 2015 - 2:19 pm

Juhaina News May 9

A number of intellectuals and writers stressed the need to address sectarian tension and demanded to eliminate this ideology to protect societies from division.

They also called to combat fanaticism through spreading religious tolerance and enact laws to criminalize sectarian practices. They criticized sedition instigators in the region, and pointed that sectarians invoke old historical disputes to stir conflicts.

Mansour Al-Zughaibi said that “hatred and elimination fueled fanaticism and that sectarianism is a result of the environment where individuals are raised”

He added that “sectarians stir conflicts and use sectarianism to achieve their own purpose, however, its implications reflected on them directly”

Al-Zughaibi demanded conscious to address sectarian crisis through achieving social justice and correct the educational process.

On the other hand, Jafar Al-Shayeb, a writer and a human right activist, believes that restoring social cohesion and unity is a national duty; and rebuilding relationships should be the priority of decision-makers and social elements.

He said “Any society needs to set out comprehensive programs and strategies on a detailed basis to restore social cohesion. These will reduce social relations deteriorating and reestablish them on bases of clarity, transparency and freedom”.

Al-Shayeb added that “Sectarian conflicts and practices are wide spread; and those responsible for stirring them up believe they are defending their doctrines, but on the contrary they are threatening social peace and the state’s security.

He confirmed that combating racism is everyone’s responsibility and needs both official and citizens’ efforts.

Al-Shayeb called for laws to criminalize sectarianism, and ban actions inciting hatred and discrimination on religious, regional or tribal bases.

On his part, the writer in Mecca newspaper Yousef Al-Zahrani explained that sectarianism is the main cause of fragmentation in the societies. He demanded writers to renounce fanaticism and stand with the state to combat such practices.

A thinker Mohammed Al-Mahfoud called to combat sectarian practices which turn diversity from a blessing to a curse. He warned from the impact of radical ideology on humanity.

Al-Mahfoud said in his official account on Twitter “we want a unified state forms a model for coexistence”.

He indicated that combating various forms of sectarianism is the only way to protect national unity. Al-Mahfoud explained that some sectarians take religion as a cover to achieve their personal goals.

He said that “racism exists not only among ultraconservatives, pointed that hatred weakens societies”.

On the other hand, Sheikh Mohammed Al-Swuilah delivered a speech on May 4, on the memorial death of Zainab, Imams’ Hussain sister, warning from the spread of extreme ideology throughout the Islamic world.

He said “keeping silent toward extremism and blossomy accusations contributes in the existence of violent and terror acts which distorted the image of Islam around the world.”

Al-Swuilah charged extremists of stirring up conflicts and disorder in the name of Islam.

He added that facing terrorism and its ideology lays on avoid questioning people and their believes.