Unacquaintance with Partners in the State
Saudishia.com - 5 / 5 / 2015 - 2:32 pm

Hassan Al-Mustafa
Riyadh newspaper
May 1, 2015

Today we are less tolerant, more fragmented and less open to others; this is how Adonis described Arab individuals in a vast region characterized by diversity.

The owner of "Mahyar Damascus Songs” sees that we deal with individuals as inferior creatures and not as humans. We always keep in consideration ethnic and religious affiliations of people; and how this can build a nation or achieve national unity.

The society which supposed to be system of laws and interests gathering people is absent in Adonis opinion. Thus what we call state turned to a military barracks and sectarian, tribal camp.

Sectarian discourse in the Arab world leads to bloody conflicts as the case in Syria Iraq, Yemen, Libya and other weak states. Armed militias, sectarian and tribal destructive ideologies started to dominate the scene.

Modern states should overcome fanaticism and must not be a product of tribal, religious and ethnic hostilities.

Changing the Arab region will be impossible as long as individuals think in a fanatical way.

People have to be more open to other components and cultures. Staying away from each other builds barriers inside the society and disturbs interrelations.

Doctrine and social belonging can’t protect people; sectarianism is a halter which must be cut.