Intellectuals and Writers: Denounce Terrorist Attacks - 23 / 5 / 2015 - 12:41 pm

A number of writers and intellectuals considered the attacks against Shia worshippers in Al-Qudayh and Al-Dammam a violation of Islam and its teaching.

A researcher in political science Dr. Tawfiq Al-Saif said on his official account on Facebook May, 23 “the state is responsible for the terrorist attack in Imam Ali Mosque in Qudaih for its delay to enact a law criminalizing inciting hatred and sectarianism”

He added “many Sunnis and Shias have demanded the government to put an end to the blasphemy campaigns against Shia through issuing a law, yet there was no response.”

Al-Saif to officials, Are you waiting to see more bloodshed to take an action and enact a law prevents such crime?

He believes that a law to criminalize hatred and equality among citizens will preserve security and stability of the state.

Al-Saif blamed sectarian media for this crime and considered the perpetrators just a tool. He called on people for unity and cooperation and step away from fanatical attitudes.

He stressed through his interposition on Rotan Channel on May 30, on the need to combat sectarianism.

Al-Saif, instigators are freely speak on social media and instead of issuing statements a practical step must be taken.
He accused some preachers of fueling sectarianism on the expanse of citizens.

Al-Saif wondered about the reasons which made Saudi society a fertile environment for sedition.

He confirmed that most Saudis are keen of the state’s security which has been visible in the funeral which attended by citizens from all over Saudi regions.

Al-Saif criticized some preachers for exploiting the lack of awareness among young people to achieve political purposes.

He denounced the Ministry of Endowments for not recognizing Shia as Muslims which will result in more crises.

A Social researcher, Mohammed Al-Shoukh condemned on his official account on Twitter June 1, sectarian incitements against Saudi Shia and accusing them of infidelity.

Al-Shoukh stated that “sectarian fueling and the absence of a law criminalizing hatred discourse are behind the attacks that occurred in Al-Dammam and Al-Qudiah”

He added “terrorism doesn’t care if you are Sunni or Shia, Christian or Jewish, it is an enemy for all people”. He called on people for unity and overcome sectarian controversy to combat terrorism.

He considered curriculum and fanatical fatwas which accuse Shia of blasphemy are green light for radicals to commit other crimes and violate Shia sanctities.

Al-Shoukh criticized keeping silent toward incitements against Shia on various media.  He also demanded authorities to provide a protection for citizens on worship places and public gathering which may be targeted by ISIS.

Hassan Al-Hamada a writer said that “these attacks are a result of militant ideologies which accuses other Muslims of blasphemy”. He demanded to approve a law criminalizes sectarian incitement and punish instigators.

A member of the Municipal Council of Qatif province, Jafar Al-Shayeb offered deepest coincidence to Martyr’s families. He described the crime as a tragedy that touched all citizens aims to stir sectarian sedition in a state known of tolerant people.

He said “the perpetrators took advantage of the events passing by the region in this period to destabilize the state and stir sectarian strife among Saudi citizens; they rely on their attack on extreme curriculum which accuses Shia of infidelity”.

Al-Shayeb called on people to stand together against such acts which aim to threaten national unity.

He stressed the importance of cooperation between various official and security authorities to arrest suspected and reveal their plans. Al-Shayeb pointed out to deal with the events with more awareness and not to sleigh behind sedition.

Al-Shayeb, “strict official procedures if have been already taken, they would reduce the losses and limit the spread of terrorism”.
He demanded to put a comprehensive national strategy to combat terrorism and protect citizens.