Al-Shayeb Receives Mourners Delegation - 10 / 6 / 2015 - 12:56 pm

On June 7, Jafar Al-Shayeb, a writer and a human right activist received , a group of national figures who came to Qatif to offer condolences for the families members of martyrs who died in the attack at Imam Ali mosque in Qudiah.

The delegation also discussed the developments passing by the state at this period and the terrorist attacks in Qudaih and Dammam.
Al-Shayeb expressed his appreciation for the delegation for their solidarity stand which enhances unity and foils terrorist’s plans.

The delegation discussed the role of intellectuals in reducing sectarian tension which dominates the region.  For his part, Editor-Chief of Al-Jazeera Newspaper, Dr. Fahad Al-Ajlan stressed the role of Shia intellectuals in addressing this crisis.

Al-Shayeb talked about the most prominent activities carried out by Althulatha Cultural Forum and its role in strengthen the relationship between Saudi intellectuals and socio-cultural inter communication through discussing national issues.

In the same context, Al-Shayeb pointed to the national initiatives in Qatif including National Communication Committee and organizing mutual visits to various regions in Saudi Arabia.

Al-Shayeb said “Saudi intellectuals have made many efforts to overcome sectarian crisis such as holding seminars which discuss national issues and publications on radicalism”.   He added that “these issues have not been adequately discussed in local media”.

He also reviewed some of the cultural and traditional activities and festivals that are held in Qatif such as cultural forums and various publications.

The delegation stressed the importance of national communication between social components and praised Qatif citizens for their national stand.

On June 7, a delegation came to Qatif to offer conciliations for the bereaved families in the recent attacks on Imam Ali Mosque in Qudaih and Imam Hussain Mosque in Dammam.

Khaled Saleh Al-Mudaiver, a Chief Executive said “the terrorist attacks which targeted 22 worshipers aimed to stir sectarian strife and hatred among Saudi citizens”

He added “citizen’s awareness have disappointed terrorists and foils their and showed a strong social cohesion in the society”.

The Chief Editor of Al-Jazeera Newspaper, Dr. Fahad Al-Ajlan stressed that Saudi citizens share the same concern and the same fate.

A social gathering took place in Qudiah to receive the delegation where dignitaries from Qatif expressed their approbations of this visit.

During this period, national figures from various regions came to Qatif to offer condolences as well as other figures from the Gulf.