Martyr’s Families Statement: We Reject Revege - 7 / 6 / 2015 - 1:02 pm

Family members of martyrs in the attack at Imam Ali mosque in Qudaih confirmed that the aim of this terrorist attack and the previous one in Al-Ahsa is stirring sectarianism among citizens.

In a statement issued by Qaudaih citizens on June 6, where they stated “after terrorists failed to divide citizens through their sectarian campaigns in social media, they launched attacks on the ground and killed worshippers in an attempt to split people, their aim was deluding Shia that Sunnis are the responsible of this attack and therefore bury people into a sectarian strife”

They confirmed in the statement that citizen’s awareness of what is being plotted foiled terrorist’s plan; the large crowed which came from all over Saudi Arabia to participate in the funeral and to renounce terrorism presented a great example of unity.

They added “Takfiri group may escalate its crimes and hits other Sunnis or Shias mosques in other regions”.

Qaudaih citizens called on people not to think of revenge, we are Muslims and this act is forbidden in Islamic teaching and Quran.

The statement denounced any demands to take revenge or even exploiting victims’ names to stir sedition or threaten national unity.
However, they demanded to punish people who stand behind these attacks to deter terrorists from committing other crimes against citizens elsewhere, and make people suspicious of victims’ families.