Shia Calls for Elimination of Discrimination - 8 / 6 / 2015 - 1:14 pm

Sayyed Hassan Nimer Al-Moussawi called authorities to find a serious solution for terrorism and said “security solutions alone failed to solve this problem”.

On June 5, during Friday seminar, Al-Moussawi demanded to recognize that Shia are Muslims, otherwise radicles will exploit this delusion to polarize more young people.

He said “arresting 16 people on the wanted list is not enough to end terrorism”. He added “if this misbelief is not been corrected, other attacks will reoccur”.

Al-Moussawi confirmed that official statements which have been issued to renounce terrorism are not enough; authorities have to take more strict measures against instigators who use pulpit to incite hatred.

He considers the large crowed who attended the funeral a message scares Takfiri groups.

Al-Moussawi stressed that the perpetrators of these three attacks and other attacks against security forces are just tools in the hand of terrorists to stir sedition and divide citizens.

He denounced some radicles who said that Shia who are killed in the attack are not martyrs and don’t deserve even to ask Allah to bless them. Al-Moussawi also criticized some media which refer to the martyrs as victims.

Al-Moussawi praised Seihat citizens for their sense of responsibility and efforts in organizing the funerals.