Demands for Recognizing Pluralism - 10 / 6 / 2015 - 9:49 pm

On June 8, a group of young people in Dammam demanded the state to recognize pluralism which they believe that it is the basis for equality among citizens. They also demanded an authority to enact a law prohibits any form of sectarian incitement in media, newspapers and social networks.

They said that “protecting security of the state is not limited to safeguard worship places only, yet authorities have to monitor sectarian media and eliminate all forms of discrimination”.

They also talked about the need for modifying curriculum especially religious subjects which contains a clear statements accuse Shia of blasphemy.

On the other hand, they criticized labeling Shia as minority, considering that a type of discrimination and a violation of human rights. The young men firmly stressed the right of religious freedom and practicing their rituals.

They emphasized the importance of unity and warned citizens from the risks of sectarianism which only service Takfiri groups and their supporters. They added that those groups distort the image of Islam and don’t care if you are Shia or Sunni.

The young men demanded judicial authorities for a fair and public trial for those who were behind the attacks in Qudaih, Dammam and al-Dalowa.

Finally, they praised the effective cooperation between security forces and civil volunteers who provide safety for worshipers and mourners.