Shia Clerics Denounce the Statement Issued by Saudi Senior Scholars - 9 / 6 / 2015 - 10:07 pm

Sheikh Hussain al-Nemer and Abdelkarim Al-Hubail denounced the statement which has been issued by Saudi Senior Scholars on the last two terrorist bombings against Shia in Qudiah and Dammam.

They considered the statement militant and pave the ground for more sectarian attacks in the region.

They said “the statement contains indirect incitement against Shia in Saudi Arabia and forms a threat to their safety for being look to Shia as infidels and apostates”

The Saudi Scholars renounce killing Shia for security measures and to preserve social fabric from sedition.

In the statement, Shias have been described as enemies who take advantage of the events to criticize media which Salafis believe it is fighting deviant beliefs.

The clerics criticized the overbearing tone of the Salafi scholars who look for Shia as minority has no right to demand modifying curriculum.

They said that both Salafis and takfiri have the same ideology which incites hatred and killing under religious titles.