Shia Statement on Qudaih Attack - 29 / 5 / 2015 - 10:21 pm

In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

Praise be to Allah, the one and only, and peace be upon prophet Mohamed and his family,
We received the sad news of the wicked bombing among Muslims on Friday during performing prayer in the Imam Ali mosque in the town of Qudaih in Qatif, resulting more than twenty martyrs and dozens of wounded, many of them are still in critical case.

We offer condolences to the families of martyrs and strongly condemn this vicious terrorist takfiri attack; we support the State in its efforts to combat terrorism and eliminate its roots in our society.

Unfortunately, the tragedy of al-Dalwah recurs in Qudaih in less than a year, and the real causes behind these crimes haven’t addressed yet. In the contrary, recently we witness uncontrollable sectarian incitement in satellite channels, social networking, books and religious discourses; if there is no practical action to end hatred, any initiatives to face terrorism will lose its credibility.

Hence we call for the enactment of clear laws to punish instigators regardless of their affiliation, and any threat that may divide the society.

Finally, we pray to God to rest the souls of the martyrs, grant their families patience and solace and protect our society from takfiri groups and their plots and sustains security in Muslim countries.

The signatories:

Sayyid Jaafar Al-Husseini, Sheikh Mohammed Al-Jazzaf, Sheikh Abdullah Dashti, Sheikh Mohammed Juma, Sayyid  Jawad Al-Qazwini, Sheikh Mortada Al-Faraj, Sheikh Hani Shaban, Sheikh Shabbir Ashkanani, Sheikh Jihad Al-Khayat, Sheikh Hassan Al-Mahmeed, Sheikh Ali Al-Jadi, Sheikh Hafez Al-Nasser, Sheikh Ali Amir, Sheikh Jaber Dashti, Sheikh Ali Al-Mousa, Sheikh Badr Safar, Sheikh Yusuf Mulla Hadi, Sayyid Hashem Al-Hashemi.