Al-Saif Calls to Boycott alyaum Newspaper - 30 / 4 / 2015 - 10:25 pm

Dr.Tawfiq Al-Saifs, a researcher in political sciences, called to boycott alyaum Newspaper for publishing an article against Shia written by Dr Nasser Al-gafari, entitled "Back of Internal Invasion” in which he discussed the Iranian policy and its interference in the region.

On April, 30, Al-Saif posted on his official account on Facebook “insulting Shia is permitted in local newspaper; thus some radical clerics take advantage of the war on Yemen to fuel sectarianism whether at mosques or in newspapers”.

He called on people to boycott this newspaper and considered reading it a waste of time. His call received a wide reaction in social media.

Many hastags were launched regarding this issue, among them “alyaum Newspaper Flues Sectarianism”and “alyaum Newspaper Incites Sectarianism”. Al-Faris accused Dr.Tawfiq Al-Saif and Walid Sulais of participating in Qatif recent events and of being themselves involved in incitements.

Some people said that “such articles threatens cohesion and demanded specialized authority to sue alyaum Newspaper”. They also called people to learn from the experience in Iraq and stop questioning Shia loyalty.

On the contrary, others consider the article just a normal discussion of the Iranian attitudes and criticized Shia intellectuals for their reaction.